The Science

What is Sapienic Acid and what does it do?

Sapienic acid is a fatty acid. And a particularly strange one at that. It is not found on the skin of any other animal that we know of, but it’s the most abundant fatty acid produced by human skin. Your skin goes to a lot of trouble to produce Sapienic Acid, it is toxic to pathogens like Staphylococcus aureus, but beneficial microbes can use it as a nutrient source. It’s a skin prebiotic that’s been honed by millions of years of evolution.

Why do the Probiotics in the Probiotic Mist only stay alive for 2 months?

The probiotic powder is in a dormant state and can survive for long periods without nutrient or water. Once the powder is added to the Probiotic Mist, the probiotic microbes are activated so that they can start growing when they encounter the nutrients on your skin after application. We think it’s quite impressive that the active microbes can remain viable for two months.

Why do you guys hate soap so much?

Because soap is damaging to skin. We don’t like the idea of advertising and selling products that do people harm. We understand that the use of soap on skin is a well-entrenched habit in society, but it is a harmful habit that seems to exist solely for the profit of the companies that sell it. We prefer skincare that actually cares for skin and takes a sustainable approach that continues to provide benefits in the long term.

Do you really have live bacteria in some of your products?

Yes … because you really have live bacteria on your face.

If you didn’t, you’d be in trouble. The first pathogen that came along would colonize and you’d get a really nasty skin disease.

We add the bacteria to protect you.

What pH are your products?

We set the pH of all our products at around 5,3. This is acidic enough to maintain the acid mantle and promote good barrier function without irritating skin.

Which bacteria do you use?

We use three Lactobacillus species and one Bacillus.

Bacillus is spore-forming so it can stay stable in spore form in a buffered aqueous base – the Probiotic Mist.

Lactobacillus is a little more sensitive, so we encapsulate it and disperse it in an anhydrous oil base to keep it alive. It will only reanimate when it is exposed to water on your skin. These are in the Probiotic Boost.